VPerfect graphic design: Furniture made of metal for office and residential areas make special interior designs possible.
In our forging company, we provide modules and components for furniture with the aid of our professional processing, which provides “the finishing touch”. Not only do the modules processed by VP Metallverarbeitung Processing look very nice, but they are also impressive with their solidity and easy-care properties. Whether sanded, polished, matted or chrome-plated, metal furniture refinedwith their finish gives most various possibilities when it comes to interior design. After we have processed individual pieces for you, the manufacturer can combine them effectively with solid wood, leather, textile or other materials.


If a shop is to be fitted, it is important on one hand to find one system which would offer as many possibilities as possible. On the other hand, the surface quality of these components should guarantee their faultless functionality, easy care and sustainability. VPMetallverarbeitung Processing comes into play at this point: We offer you professional surface finish for metal components.

Our finishing techniques produce easy-to-clean surfaces. The components processed by us fit perfectly into a shopfitting system. They together represent the perfect basis for producing a brand and presenting a product. No matter what perception your clients have of shopfitting and sales – turn to us, as we offer you made-to-measure surface solutions for them.


You plan what systems and equipment you want for the pharmaceutical industry and we process and enhance their metal surfaces. Let us make the surface of your individual components as perfect as they can be. The pharmaceutical industry demands their  metal containers and components to be of the highest quality, made from selected stainless steel and have a clean surface finishing. VP Metal Processing sands and polishes agitator vessels, environment protection tanks, pressure tanks and process tanks. Furthermore, we are also experts in surface finishing of fermenters, bioreactors, production tanks with magnetic stirrers as well as many other systems.

We also sand to the specified surface roughness level Ra and Rz.

Tell us what your specific projects are and we will carry out all metal processing and finishing tasks precisely as per your specifications.


VP Metallverarbeitung Processing sands and polishes mouldings and components of plant manufacturers for the food industry. Individual parts and machines which facilitate easy automatic or manual cleaning are the result. We polish your products to faithfully fulfil your demands. We are successful and precise thanks to many years of experience.

VP Metallverarbeitung Processing is your partner both when you want to have your individual components for your system finished and when you want to have the surface of the entire plant system finished. Our employees are familiar with the exact requirements of the food industry when it comes to stirrers, mixers, heating and cooling coils
as well as other components. We provide the best support when you build a durable system using our processing and finishing.


You need the surface of your stainless steel containers and components for the chemical industry polished or finished?
VP Metallverarbeitung Processing carries out these tasks for you, following your specifications.

Our expertise regarding chemical reactors which will later drain into the pressure tanks will help us finish their surface in such a way that maximum safety and efficiency are ensured. The apparatus we finish fits perfectly into the ventilation and drainage system and supports their faultless functionality. We plan and implement the quality of the surface of, for instance, stirrers and mixers on a case-to-case basis.

Get familiar with us and our working methods: We look forward to working together on your projects.

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We plan and realise the surface finishing of mouldings and entire components as per your specifications. Find the best solutions for you through our advice service and trust our expertise and our consistent company performance! We are experts in all areas which are important for the success of our joint project. We have satisfied customers from all over the world.


Let us finish the surface of all individual mouldings and structures for your components for you! We sand and polish components for all industrial sectors, completely tailored to your needs. Industrial sectors to which we regularly provide our services include among others, shopfitting, furniture manufacturing, laboratory technology and food industry. Customers in Germany, Europe and overseas make use of our comprehensive services with our delivery service. You can order both individual prototypes and small or large series.

VP Metallverarbeitung Processing offers individual and customer-oriented customised solutions. We will fulfil all your demands regarding the surface finish adeptly and with precision. Our team consists of the employees who have in-depth knowledge of all areas relevant for surface finishing.

We have a diversified industry portfolio.
Starting with shopfitting, furniture industry, bulk goods technology,
pharmaceutical and chemical industry all the way up to the
food industry.