The term “bright chrome” is a little misleading, since the pure chrome does not have its own gloss, but the level of brightness rather depends on the undercoat – a nickel layer. The brightness transfer is gradually reduced as the thickness of the coating – ranging between 0.2 and 1 µm increases.

Application areas
Decorative goods, luminaries and lamp industry, furniture, functional application in machine and plant construction, wear-protection layers for pistons and tools.

Special features

Extremely hard, with undercoat – such as nickel – which are extremely resistant to corrosion, caution in environment containing chlorine. Excellent reflection and extremely resistant to temperature.


Chrome does not necessarily have to be glossy. Even matt surfaces have their appeal. One can often be surprised by their high aesthetic and modern effect.
The pearlescent surface which is very popular among our customers has a particularly interesting and decorative effect.


Nickel layers are famous for their extreme resistance to corrosion. Very glossy surfaces with excellent resistance to corrosion can be created, with the best diffusion barrier, magnetic, with excellent resistance against most diluted acids and alkaline solutions, good polishability.

Application areas
Electrical engineering, electronics, power plants, high-frequency technology, sealing, bearings, printed circuit boards, plugs, connectors, switch parts, decorative, cutlery, jewellery, medicine.

Special features
The best conductivity for electric current and heat, best reflection, very soft, excellent solderability, polishability with high-gloss effect.


Matt nickel offers an extreme resistance to corrosion.

Application areas
Machine construction, plant construction, furniture industry, decoration, metal fittings, electrical engineering.

Special features
Very glossy surfaces with excellent resistance to corrosion can be created, with the best diffusion barrier, magnetic, with excellent resistance against most diluted acids and alkaline solutions, good polishability.


Gold is most precious of all metals, with outstanding conductivity for electric current and heat.

Application areas
Electrical engineering, electronics, aviation, power plants, high-frequency technology, jewellery, cutlery, household items.

Special features
Excellent conductivity of electric current and heat, soft, excellent solderability, the surface is practically oxide-free.

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Eliminate corrosion and wear marks on your metal components even in advance with VP Metallverarbeitung Processing as a competent partner on your side. We know how to treat metals properly from the very beginning, so take advantage of our expertise! Metal components entrusted to our finishing techniques
will be sent back to you perfectly refined. Galvanisation of the surfaces provides an efficient and cost-effective protection against wear marks, maintaining optics and functionality for a long time.


We have become renowned for our expertise and we hold it very dear every day during our work.
We provide you with furniture and mouldings which are protected from corrosion and wear thanks to electro-plating of their surfaces. VP Metal Processing carries out the process of surface finishing at the highest level possible. We always meet the requirements we are charged with to premium quality. The qualities that make us renowned are the process safety accompanied with punctual delivery.

We can chrome-plate your components up to a length of 2.4 m.